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When adding facets to your dataset searches, the different filters and their values are stored in the browser URL.

These URLs can then be bookmarked, or even shared with other users, to directly display a specific list of datasets.
Note: This feature becomes available for Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation users when Talend Cloud Data Inventory is enabled for the account.


  1. From the datasets list, click Basic to enable the faceted search.
  2. Click Add filter to start creating facets, based on the connection type and the presence of a specific tag for example.

    You can see that the URL of the application in your Web browser now contains an additional part with the parameters of your search.

  3. From there, you can either:
    • Save this URL as a bookmark, allowing you to quickly access it in the future.
    • Copy the URL and send it to collaborators in order for them to apply the same filters on their dataset list.


When accessing this URL from a bookmark or direct link, you will land on your dataset list with the selected facets applied. The facets will not be visible but the corresponding query will be displayed in the Advanced search field.