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About this task

Important: When the dataset sample cannot be refreshed, the dataset quality cannot be updated. The quality bars are no longer displayed in the Data quality tile and in the Sample view.
An error message is displayed in:
  • The Sample view:
    Case A:
    This message indicates that the dataset is no longer correct. You can restore the previous sample but the quality bars and the Talend Trust Score™ will be grayed out.

    Update the dataset with a valid one.

    Case B: Follow the procedure below.
  • In the dataset overview:


  1. Verify that the parameters of the connection and of the dataset are correct.
  2. Click Refresh sample.
  3. If the refresh still fails, verify that the Remote Engine is running. If it is not, restart it.
  4. Click Refresh sample.
  5. If the refresh still fails, contact Talend Support.