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You have identified that the datasets containing billing information may need to be improved. Because you are not really familiar with datasets referencing financial data, you will take advantage of the collaborative features of Talend Cloud Data Preparation and Talend Cloud Data Inventory. The best course of action is to share the dataset with the lowest score with one of your colleague from the finance department who has more expertise in this field.


  1. Click Datasets from the left side menu to access the dataset list.
    The filter that you have set previously is still active, so only the few datasets with the Billing tag are displayed, and not your full inventory.
  2. Point your mouse over the customers_billing_dataset dataset, which is the one with the lowest Talend Trust Score™, and in the Sharing column, click the sharing icon.
  3. In the sharing configuration window that opens, point your mouse over the Group finance user group, and click the + icon to add them as collaborators on this dataset.
    By default, they will be added with viewer rights only.
  4. In the Current collaborators column, click the Viewer label next to the user group, and from the drop-down list that opens, change their rights to Editor.
  5. Click Share.


The customers_billing_dataset dataset can now be accessed by your colleague from the finance department, and they will be able to take a closer look at the data and eventually fix the quality errors.