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The CRM Export dataset corresponds to an Excel file that has been exported from a CRM solution.

It contains a list of people with their phone numbers for both regular and mobile phones. As these phone numbers are French, they are 10 digits long; numbers starting with 01, 02, 03, 04, or 05 correspond to landline numbers and numbers starting with 06 correspond to mobile phone numbers.

In order to have a consolidated list of phone numbers to call, you will create a new column listing all the mobile phone numbers: this column will also be filled with the landline number when there is no mobile phone. Also, if the landline and mobile phone numbers have been mixed up, you will correct them.

Whereas in other tools you would use conditions like "if" to perform these actions, with Talend Data Preparation, you will create filters.

Retrieve the CRM_export.csv file from the Downloads tab of the documentation page.