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Talend Data Shaping Language Reference Guide

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The following keywords are used in Data Shaping Query Language. They are case insensitive.

  • FROM to iterate on an input collection.
  • AS to define an alias for a collection.
  • INDEX to store an index for an iteration.
  • UNNEST to unnest a nested collection.
  • WHERE to filter items.
  • SELECT to choose the elements to return in the query result.
  • JOIN or INNER JOIN to perform an inner join between two collections.
  • LEFT OUTER JOIN to perform a left outer join between two collections.
  • ON to define the condition to join two collections.
  • ORDER BY to order items in a collection.
  • DESC to order items in descending order.
  • ASC to order items in ascending order.
  • LIMIT to define a number of items to return in the query result.
  • OFFSET to define a number of items to ignore at the beginning of the query result.
  • UNION ALL to separate two query blocks.
  • WITH and LET to define variables.
  • GROUP BY to group items generated in a previous clause.