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Talend Data Shaping Language Reference Guide

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Data Shaping Language
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Data Shaping Query Language allows you to create queries to transform your data.

A query is a series of clauses that allow you to define the output data to return. It can contain a single block or multiple blocks separated by the UNION ALL keywords. These allow you to combine the results of several query blocks.

A query block can be a single SELECT clause or a combination of a SELECT clause and a FROM WHERE clause, which can contain UNNEST clauses, followed by a JOIN clause if needed.

The result of a query block can be:
  • A single value.
  • A record, or object, which contains a sequence of key-value pairs.
  • A collection, or array, which can contains several values, records or collections.

When the result is a collection, it can be modified by output modifiers such as the ORDER BY clause.