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Workflows control the transitioning of tasks from one state to another. They define how data stewards can collaborate to resolve the campaign tasks, that is which stewards can access which task state or transition.

About this task

In the Reconciling client data campaign, you want to add two validation steps to the workflow to double check if the attributes used to create master records are the right ones and whether they are complete. Each of the two validation steps enables data stewards to accept or reject the modifications done on the tasks. The data steward added to the last validation step can mark the tasks as resolved or send them back to any step in the workflow.


  1. Click Add validation step twice to add two steps in the workflow.
  2. Click in the New field and select the roles from those you defined in the Roles section and for which you want to give access to the new tasks.
  3. Do the same in the other fields and decide what data stewards should have access to the first and second iterations of validations and to the resolved tasks.
    Data stewards who have access to the resolved tasks can reopen them and decide to send them back to any previous state in the workflow.
  4. Optionally, click the edit icon next to the name of any step in the workflow and rename it according to your needs.
  5. Click Add campaign to create the campaign and save it.

What to do next

Use a Talend Job to load tasks into the campaign.

Use the Job and input file you can retrieve from the Downloads tab of the portal on Talend Help Center. For further information about the Job, see Data Stewardship components.

On Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer, you can also read from and write into campaigns.

For further information, see Talend Cloud Data Stewardship campaigns.