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REST API simplifies your interaction with the data stored in Talend Cloud Data Stewardship by using a number of methods or request types.

You can access all REST API documentation pages based on Swagger and run requests on users, campaigns, schemas, tasks and task history. You can download a JSON file from any of the REST API documentation pages.


  1. Open a Web browser and enter the URL corresponding to your region following this pattern: https://tds.{region}

    You'll find a list of the URLs to use for each data center in Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

    The Data Stewardship Service documentation page is opened and operations are classified into different categories:

  2. Click a category name to display or hide its operations.
  3. Start testing the execution of different operations.
    Troubleshooting: Using a URL with a computer name on Swagger will lead to an error in the generated URL for the service endpoints. Talend recommends to use a localhost URL to access Swagger, for example: http://localhost:19999//docs/api/swagger-ui.html.

    Otherwise, the generated URL will look like the following example: http://<computer-name> You need to remove the first data-stewardship.

  4. To access other documentation pages, click in the field on top of the page and select to access the Data Models Service page or the Data Stewardship History Service page.
    The data model APIs are under Data Models Service and the default namespace for all schema service APIs is org.talend.schema.