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You can edit campaigns whether they are started or not started yet. However, the options available when editing a campaign which has been started are limited.


  1. Log in as a campaign owner, or make sure the role assigned to you has permissions to add and manage data models and campaigns.
  2. Click Campaigns to open the list of the campaigns for which you are the owner.
  3. Point to the campaign you want to edit and click the gear icon displayed to the right of the campaign.
    You can not modify the name and type of the campaign, the data model used in the campaign and the workflow states.
  4. Add new campaign owners, campaign operators or data stewards or modify the roles as needed. You can only add users if you have been assigned the roles of Campaign Owner in Talend Cloud Management Console. For more information about the roles and permissions, see Predefined roles and permissions.
    Note: To be able to assign roles, you first need to assign the roles in Talend Cloud Management Console.
  5. Modify the access rights and survivorship rules used on the attributes in the data model selected in the campaign.
  6. Modify the roles assigned to the workflow states.
  7. Click Edit campaign at the bottom of the page to validate your changes.