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You can use the search box on top of the task list to filter data and list only the tasks which match the value you enter in the box.

The filter is not case sensitive and it works on all the attribute elements in a campaign except for users, date, time and timestamp.

In Merging campaigns, the search is only performed on golden records; while in Grouping campaigns the search is performed on the source records.

About this task

This example shows how you can filter customers based on the State attribute to list only those based in California.


  1. Open a campaign.
  2. Click in the search box on top of the task list and enter ca.
    Matches are searched in all the attribute elements and results are listed in the search box.
  3. Select the attribute from which you want to list the data which matches the filter.
    Only data records which have CA as state value are listed and a switch is displayed above the search box.
  4. Click the switch to toggle between the filtered and unfiltered task list, if needed.