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Open the monitoring page of a specific campaign and visualize information related to the operations done on tasks by your data stewards and check key performance indicators.

When accessing the page for the first time, all available widgets are created by default.


  1. Log in to Talend Cloud Data Stewardship as a campaign owner, or make sure the role assigned to you has permissions to add and manage data models and campaigns.
  2. Select Campaigns to open the list of the campaigns assigned to you.
  3. Point to the campaign you want to monitor and click the Monitor campaign icon displayed to the right.
    A dashboard with trend and numerical widgets is displayed.
  4. To rename any of the widgets:
    1. Points to its header and click the Edit icon which is displayed.
    2. Enter the new name and click Submit.
  5. To manage any of the widgets, click the Configure widget icon on the widget header and:
    Select To
    Filter by data stewards Show the trends for multiple stewards or a single data steward
    Filter by date Show the trends by a specific date range
    Remove widget Delete the widget
  6. Optionally, click and hold on any of the widgets and drop it to a new location on the page.
    When you modify any widget on the dashboard, the whole dashboard is saved.