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Some versions of Talend Runtime, such as 8.0.1-R2023-08-RT, cannot be obtained from a patch nor be migrated automatically. Therefore, these versions must be installed manually from scratch.

Before you begin

Download the newest version of Talend Runtime. Depending on your license, this version can be 7.3.1-RYYYY-MM-RT or 8.0.1-RYYYY-MM-RT.


  1. If data service and Route tasks are running on your current Talend Runtime, list them to make it easier to redeploy them after the upgrade.
  2. In Talend Management Console, undeploy all the services that are running on Talend Runtime.
  3. Prepare the new Talend Runtime.
    1. Install the new Talend Runtime. For more information, see Installing Talend Runtime.
    2. Stop the old Talend Runtime. Either stop the service manually from your system services, or see Stopping Talend Runtime.
    3. Optional: If you want to keep your custom configuration, compare the contents of the etc directory of the previous Talend Runtime with the contents of the etc directory in the new Talend Runtime files. Then paste the configuration that is specific to you into the new Talend Runtime files.
    4. Start the new Talend Runtime. Either start the service manually from your system services, or see Starting Talend Runtime.
  4. If this upgrade requires it, recompile your artifacts. To verify if you must complete this step, see Talend Release Notes.
  5. Optional: If you are using an old version of Talend Remote Engine, now is a good time to upgrade it to avoid having to redeploy your services twice. For more information, see Upgrading Talend Remote Engine.
  6. In Talend Management Console, redeploy all the previously running data services and Routes to the new Talend Runtime.

What to do next

Patch the new installation with the latest patch.