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You need to set up the Remote Engine service if it is missing after installation, or if you are using the Remote Engine from the archive file.

About this task

Talend Remote Engine is based on Apache Karaf. Karaf Service Wrapper makes it possible to install the Remote Engine as a Windows service.


  1. Stop the engine if it is running.
    If your engine is running tasks, you can follow this procedure to gracefully shut down Talend Remote Engine.
  2. Open a terminal instance.
  3. Browse to the bin folder of the Remote Engine installation directory, then run the following command to create OS service wrapper files for the Talend-Remote-Engine service:
    shell.bat wrapper:install -n Talend-Remote-Engine
    The following files are created in the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>\bin folder:
    • Talend-Remote-Engine-wrapper.exe
    • Talend-Remote-Engine-service.bat

    The Talend-Remote-Engine-wrapper.conf file is created in the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory>\etc folder.

  4. Start the Command Prompt as an administrator.
  5. Browse to the bin folder of the Remote Engine installation directory and run the following command:
    Talend-Remote-Engine-service.bat install

    You can customize the JVM properties for the engine service.


The Talend Remote Engine Windows service is running.