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It is possible to have more than one JVM installation on your machine and to use another JVM to launch Talend Studio for a particular purpose. This section shows how to specify another JVM to launch Talend Studio.

For more information about how to launch Talend Studio, see Launching Talend Studio.


  1. Create a .bat file under the Talend Studio installation directory, for example, studio_startup.bat.
  2. Add the command Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -vm <JRE_Directory> in the .bat file, where <JRE_Directory> is the installation directory of JRE.
    Warning: If the installation directory of JRE contains a space, make sure it is enclosed with quotation marks, for example, Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -vm "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk11.0.13\bin". Otherwise, you will see an error message after running the .bat file.
  3. Save the .bat file and double-click it to launch Talend Studio.
    Tip: You can also launch Talend Studio from the command prompt by opening the CMD window, changing to the Talend Studio installation directory, and executing the command Talend-Studio-win-x86_64 -vm <JDK_Directory>.