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Installation and Upgrade
Available in...

Cloud API Services Platform

Cloud Big Data

Cloud Big Data Platform

Cloud Data Fabric

Cloud Data Integration

Cloud Data Management Platform

Upgrade your Talend Remote Engine to retrieve the latest features.

Before you begin

Available in:

Cloud API Services Platform

Cloud Data Fabric

If you are using Routes and services running on Talend Runtime, make sure you are using the latest version of Talend Runtime. If you are not, you should upgrade Talend Runtime before upgrading Talend Remote Engine. For more information, see Upgrading Talend Runtime.

About this task

When upgrading to a new version of Talend Remote Engine, you can pair the new version of the engine with your account, replacing the previous one in the app. This enables Talend Cloud Management Console to retain the execution runtime settings for all tasks set to execute with the Remote Engine as you are installing the new version.


  1. Available in:

    Cloud API Services Platform

    Cloud Data Fabric

    If data service and Route tasks are running on your current Talend Remote Engine, list them to make it easier to redeploy them after the upgrade.
  2. Confirm that there are no Jobs running on your current Talend Remote Engine.
  3. Stop the current Talend Remote Engine service and application.
    Any process still running on the Talend Remote Engine at this point is automatically terminated.
  4. Step into the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory> directory and uninstall the application by running uninstall.exe .
    Ensure that none of the Remote Engine files are open when starting the process.
  5. Make sure that the <RemoteEngineInstallationDirectory> directory and its contents have been completely removed from your drive.
  6. Open Talend Cloud Management Console.
  7. Open the Engines page.
  8. From the top menu, select the environment of the engine to be paired.
  9. On the engine list, click the Remote Engine you want to upgrade. Its Engine details blade is displayed.
  10. Click Settings and Re-pair.
    A confirmation message is displayed to start the unpairing and pairing process for this Remote Engine.


  11. Click Unpair to confirm the unpairing.
    A new Remote Engine key is generated that you can copy from the Remote Engine key field in the Installation tab.
  12. After closing the Engine details blade, download the latest version of the Talend Remote Engine installer from the Downloads page by clicking your username on the up-right corner of the page and selecting Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  13. Run the installer as Administrator as explained in Installing the Remote Engine automatically.
    During the installation procedure, provide the generated key.
  14. Available in:

    Cloud API Services Platform

    Cloud Data Fabric

    Redeploy all the data service and Route tasks that were previously running to the new Talend Remote Engine.


The latest version of Talend Remote Engine is installed on your computer and paired with your Talend Cloud account.