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Talend Remote Engine User Guide for Linux

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The deployment of OSGi and microservice data services and Routes is supported only via Talend Remote Engine for Talend Cloud subscription users, and only if the deployment is triggered by Talend Cloud.

However, purely for testing purposes, the execution of OSGi Routes and data services is supported on a local Talend Runtime linked to Talend Studio. Exporting a local microservice artifact from the Studio is also supported, but also only for testing.


If you have an on-premises and Talend Cloud subscription at the same time (for example, Talend Data Fabric), Talend Remote Engine can be linked to an existing Talend Runtime. However, if the Runtime is also used for on-premises deployment, a valid on-prem subscription is required for this Talend Runtime. Only Talend Runtime instances that are used exclusively for deployments via Talend Cloud - Remote Engines are licensed via the engine tokens.