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You can select what should happen when you need to delete a run profile assigned to an engine or cluster that has runs scheduled on it.


  1. Open the Engines page.
  2. Select the correct environment from the top menu.
  3. Click the name of the Remote Engine or cluster from which you want to remove the run profile.
  4. On the Run profiles tab, hover over the name of the profile you want to remove and click the icon.
  5. Optional: If there are runs scheduled on the engine or cluster associated with the run profile, you must select a way to reschedule the runs.
    • Without using a run profile
    • Using another run profile of the engine or cluster
  6. Optional: If you are deleting the last run profile of the engine or cluster, the runs will be rescheduled without a run profile, using the default values.
  7. Click DELETE.