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Sometimes you may need to deploy and run more than one Remote Engine instance on a single server for short term development and testing.

About this task

Talend provides Karaf configuration scripts that automate the deployment of maximum two Remote Engine instances on the same server with different set of non-conflicting ports and parameters. These scripts are executed within the Talend Remote Engine instances and thus supported by all platforms compatible with Talend Remote Engines.


  1. Stop your existing Remote Engine and its service if they are running.
  2. Create your second Remote Engine in Talend Cloud Management Console.
  3. Download and unzip or install the second instance of the Remote Engine into a separate folder.
    The installer starts the service automatically. You have to stop it manually after the installation process is over.
  4. Navigate to the bin folder of the second Remote Engine's installation directory and execute the karaf file.
  5. In the Karaf console, run the source scripts/ script.
  6. Shut down Karaf.
  7. Pair the second Remote Engine with your Talend Cloud account.
  8. Start both Remote Engines from their respective installation folders by running the trun file.


You are able to execute Tasks on both Remote Engines without conflicts.