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Talend product lifecycle and compatibility

This page provides information on end-of-life planning for Talend’s products and compatibility between different Talend product versions, including with Talend Cloud.

Talend versions lifecycle

This table shows when different versions were made generally available, gives a schedule for their retiral, and says when they will reach end of life. All dates refer to the last day of the month.
Version Release Date Retired End-of-Life
Talend 8 November 2021 -- --
Talend 7.3 February 2020 May 2023 November 2024
Talend 7.2 (end-of-life) June 2019 January 2021 June 2022
Talend Data Catalog 7.3 January 2020 April 2022 December 2022
Talend Data Catalog 8 March 2022 -- --

All versions not listed in the table above have already reached end of life.

For details of what is meant by Major Release, Minor Release, GA (Generally Available) Software, Retired Software, and EOL (End-of-Life) Software, consult the Support Policy on

Note that the most recent product version, currently Talend 8, sees new features, bug fixes and CVE fixes released through monthly updates. Older versions that are still supported are only updated through patches and these patches contain only bug fixes and certain CVE fixes but no new features.

Talend Remote Engine lifecycle

This table shows when Talend’s Remote Engines were made generally available, gives a schedule for their retirement, and says when they will reach end of life.
Talend Remote Engine Version Release Date Retired End-of-Life
Gen1 2.12 April 2022 -- --
2.11 November 2021 November 2022 May 2023
2.10 February 2021 February 2022 September 2022
Gen2 R2022-12 December 2022 A new version is released each month. Only the most recent version is supported at any time.

Talend Remote Engine Gen1 is used to run tasks that use on-premises applications and databases.

Talend Remote Engine Gen2 is used with Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer for connections and datasets.

Talend modules compatibility

Talend recommends you have all modules (including Talend Studio, Talend Runtime, Talend Administration Center and Talend JobServer) running the same version.

Talend Remote Engine compatibility with Talend Runtime

This table shows compatibility between different versions of Talend Remote Engine and Talend Runtime.
    Talend Runtime
  Version 8.0 7.3
Talend Remote Engine Gen1 2.12 Yes Yes
2.11 Yes Yes
2.10 Yes Yes

Talend Cloud compatibility

This table shows which Talend versions are compatible with Talend Cloud.
Product Version Compatible with Talend Cloud?
Talend Studio 8.0 Yes
7.3 Yes
Talend Remote Engine Gen1 2.12 Yes
2.11 Yes
2.10 Yes
Talend Remote Engine Gen2 R2022-12 Yes