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La section liste certains modules SAP importants.

Modules Finance

  • FI: SAP Financial Accounting
    • FI-GL: General Ledger Accounting
    • FI-BL: Bank Accounting
    • FI-AP: Accounts Payable
    • FI-AR: Accounts Receivable
    • FI-AA: Asset Accounting
    • FI-CA: Contract Accounting
    • FI-LC: Legal Consolidation
    • FI-TV: Travel Management
    • FI-SL: Special Purpose Ledger
  • CO: SAP Controlling
    • CO-PC: Product Costing
    • CO-OM: Overhead Cost Management
    • CO-OM-CEL: Cost Element Ledger
    • CO-OM-CCA: Cost Center Accounting
    • CO-OM-ABC: Activity Based Costing
    • CO-OM-OPA: Overhead Orders and Projects Accounting
    • CO-PA: Profitability Analysis
    • EC-PCA: Enterprise Controlling/ Profit Center Accounting
    • EC-CS: Enterprise Controlling, Consolidation System
  • TR: Treasury
  • EC: Enterprise Controlling
  • IM: Investment Management
  • PSM: Public Sector Management
  • RE: Real Estate Management
  • PS: Project System
  • SEM: Strategic Enterprise Management

Modules Logistique

  • MM : Materials Management
  • PP: Production Planning and Control
  • SD: Sales and Distribution
  • PM: Plant Maintenance
  • LE: Logistics Execution
  • EHS: Environment, Health and Safety
  • QM: Quality Management
  • CS: Customer Service
  • LO: Logistics General
  • PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
  • WM: Warehouse Management