Calling metaServlet - 6.3

Talend Administration Center User Guide

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Administration and Monitoring

MetaServlet is a REST webservice that allows you to administrate Talend Administration Center programmatically.

You can connect to Talend Administration Center and perform actions there by calling the metaServlet from an external scheduler. To do so:

  1. Open the Windows command line or Linux terminal, and go to the following directory:


  2. To call the metaServlet on Windows, run the MetaServletCaller.bat file.

    To call the metaServlet on Linux, run the file.

For users who want to use metaServlet as a Web API, note that the typical URL generated by your requests reads as follows:

localhost:8080/<ApplicationPath>/metaServlet?<UserRequest>, for example


Note that you first need to encode your <User Request> (JSON arguments) in Base64. For more information on how to invoke the Talend Administration Center API interactively, see the article on Talend Help Center (