Running a task with context parameters using MetaServlet - 6.3

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In the following scenario, an established task in Talend Administration Center is executed using metaServlet with context parameters.


  • Make sure an existing task is available on the Job Conductor page of Talend Administration Center before you proceed the following steps.

  • The Job below is pre-established in the Studio with context variables: context.firstname and context.lastname.

Deploying a pre-established task on the Job Conductor page

  • Deploy the pre-established Job on an execution server from the Job Conductor page:

    For more information about how to deploy a Job from the Job Conductor page, see Adding a Normal execution task.

Executing a task with context parameters using metaServlet

  1. Open the Windows command line or Linux terminal, and go to the following directory:


  2. To call the metaServlet on Windows, run the MetaServletCaller.bat file.

    To call the metaServlet on Linux, run the file.

  3. Type in the following script to execute task 1 with the context values of your choice :


    The response from the Talend Administration Center server is displayed in the command lines:

    The execution information is displayed in the Task execution details console of Talend Administration Center:

    "context":{"firstname":"Kimmy","lastname":"Schmidt"} in the script above specifies the values for the context parameters: firstname and lastname, you must follow the syntax below:


    Multiple context parameters should be separated by comma(s). You should replace the parameters used in the command with what they are in real contexts.