Monitoring the execution of a Job - 6.3

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Administration and Monitoring

Once you have executed your Job several times via the Job Conductor page of Talend Administration Center, you can monitor its executions (monitoring grid, statistic information and execution logs).

How to display the Job execution history

  1. In the task list of the Job Conductor, select the task you want to monitor, here it is load_california_clients_to_mysql.

  2. In the Actions column, click the icon to open the Execution History page which is filtered on the selected task.

For example here, you can see that the second execution ended with an error while the other executions succeeded, and that two executions are not started yet.

From the Actions column of the Execution History page, you can either execute the task in its current status, open the Error Recovery Management page where you can recover a Job which execution failed, or show the statistic view of the corresponding execution.

Alternatively, to open a graphical view of this Job history, click Timeline in the Talend Administration Center menu to open the corresponding page.

How to display the Job execution statistic information

From the Execution History page or directly from the Job Conductor page, you can show the execution information and statistics.

  1. On the Job Conductor page, select the task for which you want to display the statistic view and click the icon in the Actions column.

    The information regarding the last execution of the task is summarized in the window that opens.

  2. To show the real-time statistics of the Job execution, select your task and click the icon on the top toolbar of the Job Conductor page.

How to display the Job execution logs

  1. To see the log corresponding to the execution of your Job from the Job Conductor page, select the task in the list and click the icon in the Actions column.

  2. In the window that opens on the details of the last execution of the Job, click Log to open the corresponding tab and view the logs generated during the Job execution.

    To display the log via the MetaServlet application, use the taskLog command. For more information about the MetaServlet parameters, see Parameters and actions in metaServlet.