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Configuring secure services in Talend Studio

This section explains how to configure secure services in Talend Studio using the tSoap component. tSoap is a very generic component that requires you to build the whole SOAP request message manually. It is generally recommended to use tEsbConsumer, which has more functionalities to call web services.

Before you begin

You have a tSoap component with a SOAP request message.


  1. Select tSetKeystore from the palette.
  2. Connect your tSetKeystore to tSoap with OnSubjobOk.
  3. Configure tSetKeystore as follow.
    Field Value
    TrustStore type JKS
    TrustStore file The location of the SSL Certificate JKS you created.
    TrustStore password The password you created.
    Need Client authentication Select the check box.

    This is needed if the service provider requires the client to be authenticated.

    KeyStore type JKS
    KeyStore location The location of the JKS you created.
    KeyStore password The password you created.
    It is recommended to use context variables, they will enable you to change values easily.

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