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Changing user passwords

About this task

On the User settings page, any user can change his/her password to connect to Talend applications, as well as his/her login and password to Git, via Talend Administration Center.

Editing passwords is not available if SSO has been enabled.


  1. Log on to Talend Administration Center web application.
    The menus and menus items vary according to your role/rights (Administrator, Operation manager, Designer or Viewer) in Talend Administration Center.
    Information noteNote: Only users with active accounts can access Talend Administration Center and change their password.
  2. In the Menu tree view of Talend Administration Center, select User settings to display the corresponding page.


  3. In the User Password area (Note that this option is not available if SSO was enabled):
    1. Enter your new password in the New password field.
      Your password should have by default a length between 10 and 128 characters and not contain your email address or login name.
      The information bar below the field will indicate if the newly entered password is Very weak, Medium or Strong.
    2. Enter the new password in the Confirm password field.
    3. Click Validate to confirm your modification.
  4. In the Personal Access Token area, click Generate to generate the access token.
    Information noteNote: This option is only available when the Personal Access Token is enabled in the Security Policy group on the Configuration page. For more information, see Setting up the Security Policy.


    This token can be used as password by MetaServlet and other application connection, for example, Talend Studio, Talend Data Preparation, Talend Data Stewardship and so on, except the web login.
    Information noteWarning: The Personal Access Token is displayed only once, please copy and keep it in your file system.
    To revoke the access token, click the Revoke button.


Eventually, a message displays to confirm that the modification has been carried out without issue. Otherwise, an error message points out the issue that needs to be corrected for the modifications to be taken into account.

Information noteNote: Whenever you change your Talend Administration Center password, make sure to replace your old password with the new one in the <installation_path>/iam/apache-tomcat/conf/ file.

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