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Customizing the display of the Services list

About this task

You can customize the service list view to restrict the number of displayed services according to different criteria. You can also show/hide one or more columns in the project list.


  1. On the Service Locator list, put the pointer on a column name and click the drop-down arrow.
  2. In the drop-down list, select:



    Sort Ascending

    Arranges the list in an ascending order

    Sort Descending

    Arranges the list in an descending order


    Displays a drop-down list where you can select/clear the check box next to the column(s) you want to show/hide

    Group by This Field

    Arranges the list by the name of the selected column

    Show in Groups

    Clear this check box to disable the Group By This Field filter.

    The figure below shows the list view options in the drop-down list.


    For information regarding the default information displayed, refer to Monitoring the Service endpoints from the Service Locator.

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