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Creating an environment

Create an environment and variables to configure your requests.


  1. Click Add an environment in the top right corner of the page.
    If you have already created an environment, click the environment drop-down list or the pencil icon to display the Add an environment option.
  2. Enter an environment name and click Create.
    If needed, you can copy variables from an existing environment by selecting the Copy variables from check box.
  3. Add variables by clicking:
    • Add a public variable or Add a private variable if you are using Talend Cloud API Tester with a subscription
    • Add a variable if you are using the free edition

    When sharing an environment with other users, the values of public variables are shared. For private variables, only the name is shared. The value is empty and each user has to enter their own.

    Once you have defined the Privacy setting for a variable, you can change it by clicking the arrow next to Public or Private and selecting Make private or Make public.

    In this example, the Prod environment contains two variables: the url variable is public with the value, and the api_key variable is private with the value mykey.
  4. Click Close.


Your environment is created. You can see a drop-down list of your environments in the top right corner of the screen, and you can view or edit them by clicking on the corresponding icon. You can use environment variables through the expression builder by clicking the magic wand icon next to any field where it is available.

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