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Creating requests

Create and save new requests.


  2. Click the New draft request icon at the top right corner of the left panel.
    You can also use the shortcut Alt + N.
    New draft request icon.
  3. Choose the HTTP Method in the drop-down list below Method.
  4. Enter a URL.
  5. Click Query parameters > Add query parameter and enter your query parameters.
    You can also enter the query parameters directly in the URL text field. The menu on the right allows you to indicate whether the name or value of the query parameters is already encoded.
  6. Click Add header and enter the name and value of your header.
    The headers Host and Content-Length cannot be added because their value is automatically defined by your browser.
  7. In Body, click Add form parameter to configure your parameter.
    You can choose to enter a text or upload a file by expanding the Text drop-down list. You can also click Form to choose whether you want to edit the body using the text editor or by uploading a file.


    In this example, two parameters are defined from text.
  8. Save your request:
    • Click Save as to choose where to save it.
    • Expand the Save as drop-down menu and click Copy as cURL to export it in the standard cURL syntax.

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