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Migrating API v2.6 to new domains

Talend API endpoints have been progressively and definitely migrated to new business domains following a new versioning policy.

Starting from r2024-03, API v2.6 becomes deprecated. Migrate your API requests from API v2.6 to these new domains using the path map presented in the following steps.

About this task

You can proceed as follows to accomplish the migration:


  1. Review your current API workflow to identify Talend Management Console API calls made to v2.6 or earlier versions.
  2. Replace existing URI resource paths with the corresponding paths for the new domains, as listed in the table below:
    API endpoint migration map
    First-level resource v2.6 API URI path New domain-specific API URI path
    Workspace Permissions





    Workspaces /workspaces /orchestration/workspaces
    Task Executions










    Schedules /schedules /orchestration/schedules
    Resources /resources /orchestration/resources
    Promotion Executions /executions/promotions /processing/executions/promotions
    Promotions /promotions /orchestration/promotions
    Projects /projects /orchestration/projects
    Plan Executions







    Plans /executables/plans /orchestration/executables/plans
    Environments /environments /orchestration/environments
    Connections /connections /orchestration/connections
    Artifacts /artifacts /orchestration/artifacts
    Account Subscription /subscription /account/subscription
  3. Test new API calls with your personal access token. If successful, proceed to commit your changes.

What to do next

After the migration, Consider to adopt service accounts and multi-trigger tasks or plans:
  • A service account represents a non-human user entity that uses access tokens to authenticate to Talend Cloud and call a Talend API endpoint. This helps enhance and automate your identity and security management.
  • A multi-trigger task or plan can have up to 15 time-based triggers, improving schedule maintenance and avoiding duplicate tasks or plans when multiple triggers are necessary.
This is optional but recommended after full migration to the new API endpoints.
Information noteTip: Service accounts are only supported by the domain specific API endpoints. Full migration to these new endpoints is necessary to leverage the benefits of service accounts effectively.

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