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AWS Cloud provides 3 Networking services namely:

Icon Name Description
Amazon VPC Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) lets you define private computing resources that are logically isolated in a virtual network that you own. You can easily control access to and the traffic in and out of the virtual private network. It is secured and presents an easy way to segregate various environments. For example, a Talend customer looking to setup multiple environments will use different VPC for each environment.
AWS Direct Connect AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to establish dedicated network connection from an on-premises network to AWS. It has many benefits like reducing bandwidth costs, and providing consistent network performance than internet-based connections. This is generally transparent for Talend usage. The IT group of the company will set this up.
Amazon Route 53 Amazon Route 53 is a Domain Name System (DNS) web service. This service connects user request to services running within the Cloud. It allows the use of a fully qualified domain name instead of an IP Address.

While Talend is transparent to all Networking services, it is important to understand how they work since they relate to connectivity. The security, ports, firewall, DNS name, and other networking configuration will allow or restrict access to services running within EC2 instances and AWS Cloud. Hence, they need to be configured properly for Talend Jobs and Services to be able to connect to resources like S3 Bucket, EMR Cluster, Databases, etc.

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