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AWS Cloud provides the following Security services:

Icon Name Description

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables you to control access to the AWS services and resources for your users and processes.

IAM provides the functionality to create users, groups, roles, permissions, and policies. It is a central place to configure access.

Talend Usage:

  • Talend components for S3 can inherit roles and permissions defined in IAM for accessing S3 resources. The definition must be done in IAM, but it is used when connecting to S3. There is no direct link or connectivity to IAM. It is part of the security setup for the EC2 security inheritance.
AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service provides Microsoft Active Directory (AD) in the cloud, or connect to an on-premises Microsoft Active Directory to manage your AWS resources.

Talend Usage:

  • Talend Administration Center can use LDAP to delegate users authentication. Hence, potentially, we can configure Talend Administration Center to use the AWS Directory (although this still needs to be tested).

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