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Checking customer table against a given DQ rule to select customer records

This scenario applies only to Talend Data Management Platform, Talend Big Data Platform, Talend Real Time Big Data Platform, Talend Data Services Platform, Talend MDM Platform and Talend Data Fabric.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario is a three-component Job that checks a MySQL customer table against a given data quality rule so as to query specific customer records.

These components used in the Job are:

  • tMysqlConnection: this component creates the connection to the MySQL database of interest so that the other components can reuse it.

  • tMySQLInvalidRows: this component reuses the connection created by tMysqlConnection and query the customer records of interest against the given data quality rule.

  • tLogRow: this component presents the result of running this Job.

To replicate this scenario, proceed as illustrated in the following sections:

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