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Inserting data in mother/daughter tables

The following Job is dedicated to advanced database users, who want to carry out multiple table insertions using a parent table id to feed a child table.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

As a prerequisite to this Job, follow the steps described below to create the relevant tables using an engine such as innodb:

  1. In a command line editor, connect to your Mysql server.

  2. Once connected to the relevant database, type in the following command to create the parent table:

    create table f1090_mum(id int not null auto_increment, name varchar(10), primary key(id)) engine=innodb;
  3. Then create the second table:

    create table f1090_baby (id_baby int not null, years int) engine=innodb;

Back in Talend Studio , the Job requires seven components including tMysqlConnection and tMysqlCommit.

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