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Setting up the child Job

About this task


  1. Create a Job named child, and add two components by typing their names on the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette to the design workspace:
    • a tFixedFlowInput, to generate a message

    • a tBufferOutput, to store the generated message in the buffer memory

  2. Connect the tFixedFlowInput component to the tBufferOutput component using a Row > Main connection.
  3. Double-click the tFixedFlowInput component to open its Basic settings view.
  4. Click the [...] button next to Edit schema to open the Schema dialog box and define the schema of the input data. In this example, the schema has only one column message of the string type.
    When done, click OK to validate the changes and then click Yes in the pop-up Propagate dialog box to propagate the schema to the next component.
  5. In the Mode area, select Use Single Table option, and define the corresponding value for the message column in the Values table. In this example, the value is "message from the child job".

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