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Installing a Talend function module for SAP

This article demonstrates the way to install a Talend SAP function module for SAP. For a full list of available SAP function modules, see the article: SAP function modules shipped with Talend Studio.

The following procedure shows how to install the Z_TLD_BI_READ_INFOPROV_BATCH module, which is provided by the SAP transport

To install an SAP function module, you need first to determine the transport file that provides the SAP function module by checking SAP function modules shipped with Talend Studio.

Information noteNote: The SAP function modules and SAP transports may vary with product versions. Check readme.txt at {studio_path}\plugins\org.talend.libraries.sap_7.3.1.****\resources\ for the latest information.

Step 1: Copy files

Information noteNote: The following steps assume that the transports reside in /usr/sap/trans.
  1. Download the file, transfer it on the SAP server.
  2. Extract the file
  3. Copy K900118.TBD from <>/ABAP Transporte/cofiles to usr/sap/trans/cofiles.
  4. Copy R900118.TBD from <>/ABAP Transporte/data to usr/sap/trans/data.

The file upload can be done with SAPGUI transaction CG3Z. You can find the transport directory and check if the files have been uploaded with transaction AL11.

Step 2: Adding a new transport request

In transaction STMS go to Import Overview (F5) and step into the import queue for the given system. In the menu under Extras > Other requests > Add.

  1. Add a new transport request with name TBDK900118 and specify your SAP client number if needed. After this you must see the transport request in the list.
  2. Select it with F9 and perform the transport F11+Ctrl.
  3. Specify the target client and select the Ignore invalid component version option (the last option in the options tab).

If correctly set, the status must be green although showing some text: Does not match component version. In transaction SE37 the function module Z_TLD_BI_READ_INFOPROV_BATCH must be available.

Step 3: Add the property in Talend Studio

Follow the usual process detailed in Talend Studio User Guide: Retrieving SAP tables.

The property api.use_z_talend_read_table needs to be set it to true when you drag and drop the tSAPTableInput from the repository.

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