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Retrieving data from an SAP system by calling tSAPBapi function using input and output parameters

Using the tSAPBapi component, you can retrieve data from an SAP system and see the output in .csv format on your local machine.

This scenario applies to all Talend products.

In this scenario, let's imagine that your company uses an SAP system, where you manage all your customer information. Now your company plans to migrate your customer data to another third-party system and you want to download all information in a readable file.

This scenario shows you how you can easily collect and download your customer information from your SAP system using the tSAPBapi component.


  • Ensure that you have established the connection to an SAP system in Metadata > SAP Connections in Talend Studio. For more information, refer to Setting up an SAP connection of the Talend Studio User Guide.
  • Use the Retrieve Bapi option to extract data from the dedicated BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST.

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