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Listing the instance groups in the Amazon EMR cluster

Configure the tAmazonEMRListInstances component and the tJava component to retrieve and display the ID and name information of all instance groups in a running cluster.


  1. Double-click the tAmazonEMRListInstances component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. In the Access Key and Secret Key fields, enter the authentication credentials required to access Amazon S3.
  3. Select the AWS region from the Region drop-down list. In this example, it is Asia Pacific (Tokyo).
  4. Clear the Filter master and core instances check box to list all instance groups, including the Master, Core, and Task type instance groups.
  5. In the Cluster id field, enter the ID of the cluster for which to list the instance groups. In this example, the returned value of the global variable CLUSTER_FINAL_ID of the previous tAmazonEMRManage component is used.
  6. Double-click the tJava component to open its Basic settings view.
  7. In the Code field, enter the following code to print the ID and Name information of each instance group in the cluster.
    System.out.println("\r\n===== Instance Group =====");
    System.out.println("Instance Group ID:    " + (String)globalMap.get("tAmazonEMRListInstances_1_CURRENT_GROUP_ID"));
    System.out.println("Instance Group Name:  " + (String)globalMap.get("tAmazonEMRListInstances_1_CURRENT_GROUP_NAME"));

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