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Configuring tAzureStorageList


  1. Double-click tAzureStorageList to open its Component view.
  2. Select the component whose connection details will be used to set up the Azure storage connection. In this example, it is tAzureStorageConnection_1.
  3. In the Container name field, enter the name of the container in which you need to check whether the given files exist. In this scenario, it is talendcontainer.
  4. Under the Blob filter table, click the [+] button to add one row in the table.
  5. In the Prefix column, enter the common prefix of the names of the files (blobs) to be checked. This prefix represents a virtual directory level you designate as the starting point down from which files (blobs) are checked. In this example, it is photos/.

    For further information about blob names, see

  6. In the Include sub-directories column, select the check box in the newly added row. This allows tAzureStorageList to check all the files at any hierarchical level beneath the designated starting point.

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