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Setting the rule schemas


  1. In the design workspace, double-click tRules to display its Basic settings view and define the component properties.
  2. In the Property type list, select Repository if you have stored the file that holds the business rules in the Metadata > Rules management node of the Repository tree view. If not, select Built-in and browse to the Drools file.

    For more information on how to create and store business rules, see Centralizing Embedded Rules (Drools).

  3. In the Outputs table, click the plus button to add two rows that represent two different output flows, each using one of the two business rules defined in the Drools file.
  4. Click in the first row of the Schema column to display a [...] button. Click the button to open a dialog box and set a name for the output schema.
  5. Enter the exact name of the first rule as it is written in the Drools file, RuleAGE in this example, and then click OK.
  6. Define your output schema in the dialog box that opens. In this example, we want to recuperate the input schema. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  7. Do the same in the second line of the Schema column.

    Enter the exact name of the second rule as it is written in the Drools file RuleREGION to have it as the name of the second output schema, and then recuperate the input schema in the open dialog box.

    You will have an error message when trying to execute the Job if the name of the output schemas in your Job do not match the exact names of the rules in the Drools file.

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