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Configuring bar chart generation


  1. Double-click the second tFileInputDelimited component, which is labeled Temp_Input, to display its Basic settings view.
  2. Fill in the File name field with the path to the temporary input file generated by the tFileOutputDelimited components. In this use case, the temporary input file to the tBarChart is Temp.csv.
  3. Double-click the tBarChart component to display its Basic settings view.
  4. In the Generated image path field, define the file path of the image file to be generated.
  5. In the Chart title field, define a title for the bar chart.
  6. Define the category and series axis names.
  7. Define the size and transparency degree of the image if needed. In this use case, we simply use the default settings.
  8. Click Edit schema to open the schema dialog box.
  9. Copy all the columns from the output schema to the input schema by clicking the left-pointing double arrow button. Then, click OK to close the schema dialog box.

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