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Generating the temporary input file


  1. Double-click the first tFileOutputDelimited component to display its Basic settings view.
  2. In the File Name field, define a temporary CSV file to send the mapped data flows to. In this use case, we name this file Temp.csv. This file will be used as the input to the tBarChart component.
  3. Select the Append check box.
  4. Repeat the steps above to define the properties of the other two tFileOutputDelimited components, using exactly the same settings as in the first tFileOutputDelimited component.
    Information noteNote:

    Note that the order of output flows from the tMap component is not necessarily the actual order of writing data to the target file. To ensure the target file is correctly generated, delete the file by the same name if it already exists before Job execution and select the Append check box in all the tFileOutputDelimited components in this step.

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