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Creating a Job to delete stewardship tasks

This example shows how to create a Job to connect to Talend Data Stewardship, delete tasks from a number of campaigns and list the deleted tasks with their metadata on the Talend Studio log console.

To replicate the example described below, download the file.

tDataStewardshipTaskDelete is a standalone component and can be used in a Job without any output components.

The campaigns used in this example are:
  • An Arbitration campaign, Beta Candidates, which stores the tasks of the candidates for a beta testing program,

  • A Resolution campaign, Product Catalog, which stores the tasks of the enterprise products,

  • A Merging campaign, CRM Data Deduplication, which stores the tasks of customer data retrieved from the enterprise CRM system.

  • A campaign, Matching on Spark, which stores the tasks of the enterprise products retrieved from the enterprise product catalog.

Before you begin

  • The campaigns from which you want to delete the tasks are already defined in Talend Data Stewardship and populated with tasks.

  • You have been assigned in Talend Administration Center the Campaign Owner role which grants you access to the campaigns on the server.


  1. In the design workspace, start typing tDataStewardshipTaskDelete and select this component from the list that opens. Repeat the operation to add three tDataStewardshipTaskDelete components on the workspace.
  2. Do the same to add three tLogRow components onto the workspace.
  3. Link the tDataStewardshipTaskDelete components to the tLogRow components using the Row > Main links.
  4. Link the tDataStewardshipTaskDelete components together using the Trigger > OnSubjobOk links.

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