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Assigning tasks dynamically in Talend Data Stewardship

When loading data to Talend Data Stewardship, it is possible to dynamically assign the tasks to specific stewards based on a given attribute of the incoming data.

This Job loads tasks to a campaign created in Talend Data Stewardship and assigns them dynamically to data stewards whose information is retrieved from a csv file.

In this Job:

  • The first tFileInputDelimited component reads the input customer data, and the other tFileInputDelimited component reads the lookup data of the data stewards defined in the campaign.

  • The tMap component does an inner join between the country columns in the input and lookup files.

  • The tDataStewardshipTaskOutput component writes the data in the campaign and assigns tasks to the data stewards based on the country column.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario applies only to subscription-based Talend products.

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