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Creating a Job to dynamically assign tasks to data stewards

This Job connects to Talend Data Stewardship and dynamically assigns records of French customers to a French steward (Jacques Bocuse), and records of US customers to a US steward (Cale Carolina).

To replicate the example described below, download the file.

Before you begin

  • The campaign in which you want to write the tasks is defined inTalend Data Stewardship and its data stewards and data model are well defined.

  • The tasks you want to write must have the same schema defined in the campaign.

  • You have been assigned the Campaign Owner role.


  1. Add the following components to the design workspace: two tFileInputDelimited, tDataStewardshipTaskOutput and tMap components.
  2. Link the main and reference input files to the tMap component using the Row > Main link.

    The link between the reference input file and tMap appears as a lookup link.

  3. Link tMap to tDataStewardshipTaskOutput using the Row > Main link and name the output link to loadtasks.
  4. Accept to get the schema of the target component when prompted.

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