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Executing the Job to write tasks into the Merging campaign

About this task

Information noteNote: When loading tasks into a Merging campaign in Talend Data Stewardship, data records should be sorted by group identifiers so that records with the same TDS_GID are grouped in the same task. You must run the Job only once.


Press F6 to save and execute the Job.
The group of similar records created by the matching component are written in the form of tasks into the CRM Data Deduplication campaign and the source name is set to CRM as you defined in the tMap component.
If the input data comes from different sources and the source names are defined in the input schema, Talend Data Stewardship displays the source name for each redundant record and the task list looks as below:

If you define a trust score per source record at task creation, this score overrides the score you define at campaign creation, if any.

Authorized data stewards can now access the data records and resolve the listed tasks.

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