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Confguring the tJavaRow component


  1. Double-click tJavaRow to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click Sync columns to make sure that the schema is correctly retrieved from the preceding component.
  3. In the Code field, enter the following code to display the data extracted from the specific Excel cells.
    int seq=Numeric.sequence("s1",2,1);
                  if (seq == 4) {
                      context.a4 = input_row.lastname;
                      if (seq == 1) {
                      context.b1 = input_row.firstname;
                      if (seq == 9) {
                      context.c9 =;
                      if (seq == 6) {
                      context.d6 =;
    Information noteNote: In the Code field, input_row corresponds to the links to and from tJavaRow.
  4. Double-click tLogRow to open its Basic settings view and select the Table (print values in cells of a table) option for better display effect.

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