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Configuring the input component - tFileInputExcel

Before you begin

For this example, you must have an Excel file you will use in the Job, as follows.

In this example, you will extract data from cells A4, B2, C9, and D6.


  1. Double-click the tFileInputExcel component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click the [...] button next to the File Name/Stream field and browse to the source file, in this example example__extract_specific_cells.xlsx.
  3. In Sheet list, click the [+] button and enter the name of the Excel sheet to be processed between double quotation marks, in this example Sheet1.
  4. In the Header field, enter the number of rows to be skipped in the beginning of file, in this example 1.
  5. Click the [...] button next to Edit Schema to define the schema of the input file.

    In this example, the source file holds four columns: lastname, firstname, city and zip.

  6. Click OK to validate your changes and close the dialog box.

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