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Encrypting and decrypting a file using PGP components

The Job in this scenario encrypts and decrypts a CSV file (customers.csv) using tPGPEncrypt component and the tPGPDecrypt components. The scenario contains the following components and subJobs:
  • tPGPEncrypt_1, which encrypts the specified CSV file and stores the encrypted file in a specified folder.
  • The Encrypted file subJob, which displays the content of the encrypted file.
  • tPGPDecrypt_1, which decrypts the encrypted file and stores the decrypted file in a specified folder.
  • The Decrypted file subJob, which displays the content of the decrypted file.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The following lists the content of customers.csv. The file is stored in "D:\cert\.
1;Griffith Paving and Sealcoatin;talend@apres91
2;Bill's Dive Shop;511 Maple Ave.  Apt. 1B
3;Childress Child Day Care;662 Lyons Circle
4;Facelift Kitchen and Bath;220 Vine Ave.
5;Terrinni & Son Auto and Truck;770 Exmoor Rd.
6;Kermit the Pet Shop;1860 Parkside Ln.
7;Tub's Furniture Store;807 Old Trail Rd.
8;Toggle & Myerson Ltd;618 Sheriden rd.

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