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Setting up the tPGPDecrypt_1 component

The tPGPDecrypt_1 component decrypts the customers_en.csv using the private key file prik.asc.


  1. Double-click tPGPDecrypt_1 to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Select the Use private key file option and type in the path to the private key file ("D:\cert\prik.asc" in this example) in the Private key file path field.
  3. Select Decrypt from the Action drop-down list.
  4. Type in the path to the customers_en.csv file (that is, "D:/cert/customers_en.csv") in the Source file field.
  5. Type in the path to the decrypted file ("D:/cert/customers_de.csv" in this example) in the Target file field.
    Information noteNote: Make sure that the file specified in this field does not exist in the folder.
  6. Leave the other options as they are.

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