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Setting up the MapR ticket authentication

Before you begin

  • The MapR distribution you are using is from version 4.0.1 onwards and you have selected it as the cluster to connect to in the component to be configured.

  • The MapR cluster has been properly installed and is running.

  • Ensure that you have installed the MapR client in the machine where Talend Studio is, and added the MapR client library to the PATH variable of that machine. According to MapR's documentation, the library or libraries of a MapR client corresponding to each OS version can be found under MAPR_INSTALL\ hadoop\hadoop-VERSION\lib\native. For example, the library for Windows is \lib\native\MapRClient.dll in the MapR client jar file.

    Without adding the specified library or libraries, you may encounter the following error: no MapRClient in java.library.path.

  • This section explains only the authentication parameters to be used to connect to MapR. You still need to define the other parameters required by your Job.

    For further information, see the documentation about each component you are using.

About this task

In a Standard Job, you need to set up this configuration in the Basic settings tab of a Hadoop-related component to be used by your Job.

If you are designing a Spark Job, you need to do this configuration in the Spark configuration tab of the Job.

In the tab, you need to proceed as follows:


  1. Select the Force MapR ticket authentication check box to display the related parameters to be defined.
  2. In the Username field, enter the username to be authenticated and in the Password field, specify the password used by this user.

    To enter the password, click the [...] button next to the password field, enter the password in double quotes in the pop-up dialog box, and click OK to save the settings.

    A MapR security ticket is generated for this user by MapR and stored in the machine where the Job you are configuring is executed.
  3. If the Group field is available in this tab, you need to enter the name of the group to which the user to be authenticated belongs.
  4. In the Cluster name field, enter the name of the MapR cluster you want to use this username to connect to.
    This cluster name can be found in the mapr-clusters.conf file located in /opt/mapr/conf of the cluster.
  5. In the Ticket duration field, enter the length of time (in seconds) during which the ticket is valid.

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